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Packing and marking of goods during air transportation

Freight air transportations make a number of cargoes necessary for fulfilling the requirements for packaging. Cargo without packaging or with improper packing is not allowed for air freight.

List of requirements for the packaging of air cargo:

  • The main requirement is the integrity of the package, the correspondence of its characteristics to the quality of the goods being transported. Packing should ensure the safety of cargo during transportation, protect against mechanical damage, negative environmental effects, as well as possible unauthorized theft. The cargo must be packed in soft or rigid packaging (packaging). Soft packaging should be fastened with ropes or special tape.
  • Packaging of cargoes for air transportation must be dry and clean. Cargoes should not have sharp corners, protrusions and other things that could contaminate or damage the aircraft’s premises and their equipment, as well as cause damage to other goods, baggage and mail, or cause damage to aviation personnel.

The marking of goods is another important condition necessary for air transportation. Marking should be clear and readable.

Requirements for the marking of air cargo:

  • The marking of goods shall be made in accordance with the requirements of GOST 14192-77, and the marking of dangerous goods – in accordance with the requirements of GOST 19433-81.
  • The transport marking of goods may contain basic, supplementary and information inscriptions, manipulation marks and labels, etc. It is allowed to use warning labels if it is impossible to express the manipulation marks by the manipulation marks. For example: “Do not put on top”, “Open here”, etc.
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