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Cargo insurance

The sphere of freight transportation services, at the moment, has a high degree of development both in the country and in the world. It was thanks to trade and economic relations that the movement of goods became the main factor for the development of many types of transportation – road, rail, sea, air. But, as you know, any of these types of transportation can be unsafe for cargo.

cargo insurance

Cargo insurance in Ukraine

It is quite possible to secure possible financial losses while sending a valuable cargo. For such situations, a transport insurance procedure is provided. Insurance of the cargo is widespread on the territory of Ukraine. It is noteworthy that the contract for insurance of the shipment can be concluded both by the person who is sending the goods and the person who receives it.
Most often, transport insurance is a service that is included in the list of the company that actually carries out the transportation. The insurance contract itself has clearly defined terms of validity. The urgency of the insurance policy is limited to the day of shipment and the date of receipt. The insurance contract may be a one-off, or it may be issued for a period of a certain period in which the shipment and arrival of the goods will take place.

Cost of insurance of transported goods

The cost of insurance of transported goods directly depends on the value of the tariff rate. The latter value is formed on the basis of additional characteristics of the cargo being transported, in particular:
  • type of cargo;
  • external protective packaging;
  • the estimated value of the cargo being transported;
  • route of investigation;
  • the presence or absence of parking lots;
  • the length of the route.
In the cost of insurance of transported goods, in addition to tariffing, the coefficients for insurance risks, as well as the amount of the deductible, may be included. All the main indicators, as a rule, have a percentage, directly depend on the estimated value of the cargo carried by the company.
If it is a matter of moving the goods not only within one state, the amount of the insurance policy can have its own adjustments. So, to enter the territory of the European Union, a mandatory requirement is the availability of a properly issued insurance policy for the goods carried. Otherwise, the driver of the vehicle will not be able to cross the customs zone, and consequently the customer will suffer significant financial losses.
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