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About us

MeerLand is established by FIATA-certified specialists in transport logistics with years of experience in marine, rail, road and air transport.

The company is managed by professionals, whose knowledge and experience are confirmed by personal FIATA certificates.

The mission of our company is to provide high-quality transport services based on the professionalism that we apply in the development of any logistics solutions, and the close attention we devote to all needs of our clients and the specifics of their business.

With years of experience in freight and forwarding business and high qualification of our specialists, we are able to offer the best comprehensive logistics solutions at the most competitive rates.


A flexible strategy allows our company to find individual approach to every client and provide the fastest possible response to every cargo transportation-related inquiry.

A company with an impeccable reputation, MeerLand works only with respectable, reliable partners on all continents to deliver cargoes of any type from any place in the world, providing quality service along the entire route to the maximum satisfaction of our clients.


Our corporate values:

  1. Self-criticism helps us to look objectively at any situations, to learn from our mistakes, and be proactive in foreseeing and preventing problems, miscalculations and hitches in transportation operations
  2. Responsibility continuously makes us work hard on self-improvement and constantly raising our professional skills
  3. Integrity and openness to ourselves, our partners, customers and employees is one of the key principles of our business
  4. Years of experience has helped us to establish close contacts with ports, terminals and shipping agents, railroad and airline companies in Ukraine and around the world. Our team has extensive knowledge of cargo transportation and processing technologies
  5. The long history of doing business in the market of transportation services shows that our advantage is professionalism present in our work attitude, wisdom and personal care of every client
  6. All our operations are compliant with international conventions and applicable law, and are fully insured
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