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Customs brokerage services

In most countries of the world, work with state customs for trading and food companies is a headache: tons of documents, declarations, certificates, the need to complete them in full compliance with international and state standards and much more. Gradually, the customs office became a separate activity – customs brokers specializing in the transport of various goods across the border began to be hired to present clients at customs.

custom -broker services

Customs brokerage services

A customs broker is a company that represents the interests of its customers at customs. The duties of the customs broker and the scope of his influence on the transport of goods are fully prescribed in the contract. In particular, the employees of the broker company are engaged in consultations on the correct execution of securities for the transportation of various goods both to the territory of Ukraine and beyond. Special attention should also be paid to customs clearance, in the course of which all cargo imported to the territory of Ukraine necessarily passes through state institutions – sanitary-epidemiological agencies, radiological bodies and so on.
Of course, both the entrepreneur and his employees can work with customs. However, the specifics of working with the customs services of Ukraine includes many legal subtleties and nuances with which an unprepared person may simply be unfamiliar. A more practical solution is to attract a customs broker from a side for a fee.

Features of customs clearance of goods in Ukraine

Customs clearance of all goods arriving in Ukraine is regulated by a special legislative standard – the Customs Code of Ukraine. The procedure for customs clearance is a complex issue and includes the following stages:
  • Filling in customs documentation;
  • Payment of all required duties and fees;
  • Declaration of all products;
  • Procedures for the legalization of goods.
The customs broker also has the right choice of the customs regime within which the products will be transported. In total, there are currently 14 customs regimes in Ukraine, each of which has its own subtleties and nuances.
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