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List of documents required for freight forwarding

  1. Trade contract (copy)
  2. Invoice (original, translated into Russian or Ukrainian)
  3. Packaging (original, translated into Russian or Ukrainian)
  4. Transport documents (original bill of lading, CMR, railway bill of lading);
    • Registered Bill of Lading – 3 originals with endorsement of the Recipient’s stamp on the back of each original bill of lading
    • Bill of Lading – 3 original bills of lading and letter of the Shipper’s order on the nomination of your company by the Recipient of this container (with the name and address of the legal entity)
  5. Certificate of origin and quality (original)
  6. Hygienic conclusion (copy, note-certified);
  7. Accreditation card of the receiving company in the regional customs office (copy at the request of the customs)
  8. Advance notice (PP, PD copies);
  9. Power of attorney for receipt, forwarding and delivery of the container with the exact name of the goods and the container number (original)

More information on the documents you provide:

For consignments of vegetable origin

  • phytosanitary certificate (original)
  • fumigation certificate (original)
  • import quarantine permission (original)

For goods of animal origin

  • a veterinary certificate (original with translation into Russian or Ukrainian);

For transit cargo (CIS countries)

  • indicate the address of the warehouse or customs post to which the consignment is to be transported, the point of customs transfer;

For Dangerous Goods:

  • the certificate of quality or safety of the cargo MSDS from the manufacturer (translation of the certificate of quality and safety)
  • “emergency card”;
  • insurance policy for transporting a container with dangerous goods from the port to the place of unloading
  • transportation of dangerous goods is carried out by motor transport with ADR certification;

When forming trade contracts, we recommend that you meet the following conditions:

  • the cargo package must contain a marking indicating the country of origin and indicating the manufacturer’s trade mark
  • the invoice must contain information indicating the country of origin of the goods in accordance with the certificate of origin (Form A) and the manufacturer’s trademark;

By following all of the above conditions, you will notify possible doubts about the origin of the shipment and calculation of the duty.

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