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Marking of goods

Marking of goods – these are inscriptions, conventional signs and marks directly on the product, packaging, packaging or on stitched, pasted or tied labels (tags).

Correct, accurate marking of goods is a prerequisite for the rapid delivery of them with preservation of quality during transportation.

Currently, there is a distinction between commodity, sender, special and transport markings. The shipper, goods and special markings are applied by the consignor, the transport – by the carrier or his agent.

Depending on the terms of the contract of sale, the marking usually contains the following data:

  1. Commodity – the name of the product, factory packaging, order number and order, grade, time release.
  2. Sender – departure and destination points, names of senders and recipients, total number of seats, gross and net weight
  3. Transport – the number of seats in a consignment transported by one transport document, the consignment number of the package in the consignment
  4. Special – warning labels and signs prescribing how to handle the goods when storing, reloading, transporting, using.
marking of goods Fragile. Caution marking of goods Center of gravity
marking of goods Protect from sunlight marking of goods Tropical packaging
labeling of goods Protect from moisture marking of goods Stacking is not allowed
labeling of goods Keep away from radiation labeling of goods Lift directly for cargo
labeling of goods Temperature limitation marking of goods Open here
marking of goods Perishable cargo labeling of goods Protect from radioactive sources
labeling of goods Sealed packaging marking of goods Do not roll
marking of goods Hooks not to take marking of goods Stacking is limited to
marking of goods Place of packing marking of goods Clamping here
marking of goods It is forbidden to pick up a cart marking of goods Do not clamp
labeling of goods Top marking of goods Limit on the number of tiers in the stack
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